Train ’em Up!

For Esmé – with Love, and Holla!

Esmé - Bak Pak member

If you have not yet already done so – please meet Miss Esmé. She is the newest addition to The Bak Pack, having joined us on March 7, 2015. Although continuously full of dogs, our household has been puppy-less for exactly 10 years, so Esmé has been tasked with reminding all of us exactly what that is like. And I am glad to report that she is succeeding masterfully!

Named after the title character from J. D. Salinger’s short story “For Esmé – With Love and Squalor”, this young lady was born on the 7th of this past January – making her, at the time of this writing, exactly three months old.

mix between boerboel and german sheppard


These two are Esmé’s parents; mom is Mayhem a working South African Boerboel  and dad is Reaper – a working competition German Shepherd Dog, both are personally owned and trained by local Certified Groomer/Behaviorist/Dog Trainer – and Bevans’ own – Ellen Linthurst. Esmé and her five litter-mates are proof-positive that not all great things are planned for, and that happy accidents do happen!

Esmé will be the first dog that The Mindful K9 will have the opportunity to work with from puppy-hood through all the remaining stages of her life. We’ve raised pups before, but never with the current background, education, philosophy and experience presently at our disposal. We’d like to invite you along for the ride! Every Wednesday on The Mindful K9’s Facebook Page, we’ll be sharing her latest adventures and our progress in raising Miss Esmé. If you have not yet already done so, please “Like” our Facebook Page, so you can keep up with all the Esmé-esque fun!