Farley Granger

The Five F’s

The houndie extraordinaire, Farley Granger loves what he loves.  He’s a very passionate dog.  A few things on his short list-o-love would include:  treadmills, phone poles, long walks with friends, phone poles, dinner in a speed bowl, hanging out in Stanley’s kennel, anything having to do with cats, and of course – phone poles.  It’s recently been found out that Farley Granger also loves fortune cookie fortunes (yeah, I know – I’m kind of surprised as well).   Though he’ll be the first to admit that they’re really not fortunes anymore, more like adages – but, for him, officially calling them “adage cookies” doesn’t really work.

Farley Granger lets Esmé know about his much cooler job as The MK9's Twitter Dog.  Esmé's response is "Say What?!"

When Farley Granger discovered that puppy Esmé had been tapped as MK9’s Facebook ambassador, after he pitched a houndie howling and baying fit, he then calmly implied that he would like to do something on Twitter (as he views Twitter as being much cooler) – and that his love of adage cookie fortunes would be a logical progression for him.

Impressed by this sensible request.  We agreed.

Hound mix and Bak Pack member

Now every Friday on The Mindful K9’s Twitter feed, Farley Granger will present one of his favorite adages – er – fortunes from that week.  And when feeling up to it, perhaps, even providing some commentary.  Sensing a depth here-to-fore absent from the houndie, he made it clear that he wanted to tweet under his formal author name:  “Farles G.”  We also discovered that in addition to phone poles and all of the above-mentioned items, Farley Granger also loves alliteration.  Hence, Fabulous Friday Fortunes from Farles was born.

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Presently, Stanley is campaigning for his own Instagram account… 🙂