Hi! My name is Michele Bakalar and I am the founder, owner and trainer at The Mindful K9 Training and Rehabilitation, LLC. When it comes to dogs and the people who love them, it seems that we all have stories. How I got here is most likely the very same reason that brought you here. So we already have something in common!

Stella - Bak Pack member at The Mindful K9


I have spent the better part of 13 years reading and studying about dog training, and trying out different methods on my own pack over that time. By 2006, what I had learned would not be enough to deal with a certain 5 week old terrier/husky puppy that had come into our lives via emergency. Although I had the best of intentions (and limited knowledge and experience), I helped to create a fearful, pushy and aggressive dog; a nightmare! That dog, in the end, would show me the way – and help me find the courage, the confidence and the know-how to change my life and pass it along.


I have attended some amazing workshops and met with some amazing people who were willing to share their knowledge and techniques. I am a graduate of the intensive “Train the Trainers” with Jeff Gellman and Sean O’Shea. I am committed to on-going education and refinement of technique and knowledge, literally studying daily and comparing notes with other trainers around the USA and world.

My Philosophy is simple: A balanced approach.

I strongly believe in empowering owners and transforming dogs through direct, balanced, state-of-mind training and rehabilitation focusing on basic obedience, calming foundation work, alongside building communication and relationship via “The Walk”. All tools are fair game – if they work.  And simply, if it worksit works. If I cannot help you, I most likely know someone who can. Remember, I want you EMPOWERED. I want you to be able to say, “Yes! I can do this”. I want you to be confident, and most importantly – I want you to have the relationship you have always desired with your dog. How we get there is by rules, structure and leadership.

A Mindful K9 is a calm, happy dog.
A Mindful Owner is that dog’s best friend.


Located in Lorain, Ohio – The Mindful K9 serves all of Lorain County, western Cuyahoga
and eastern Erie Counties.