The Mindful Foundation Program

with “Place” all things are possible!

The Mindful Foundation

As the name implies, this program is at the heart, indeed the foundation of your dog’s transformation and your own empowerment. Typically lasting for 30 days, with 4 weekly meetings divided up in 1 – 2 hour sessions for a total of 6 hours of instruction, The Mindful Foundation Program brings basic obedience as well as calm and control back to your home.

In these sessions we will cover, practice and learn:

• Walking Politely (see description here)
• The “Place” Command (with “Place” all things are possible!)
• The Down Command (and “Down” means Stay!)
• Waiting at Thresholds (No door bolting!)
• Recall (come when called)
• Crate Training (if needed)

We can also deal with other behavior issues such as the rude jumping, the incessant barking at door bells or knocks, as well as helping you to gain control back over your home. Owners and their dogs will be given “homework” to complete between these sessions. Leash and collar are to be provided by owner. The Mindful K9 Training and Rehabilitation highly recommends Herm Sprenger brand prong/training collars.

Using our BALANCED approach, we will work with your dog to help them become the best they can be, but more importantly we will also work with you in helping you become the best owner you can be. In the end, a Mindful K9 is a calm, happy dog. A Mindful Owner is that dog’s best friend.

Bring on the CALM and get the relationship you have always wanted with The Mindful Foundation.

Let the Bliss begin.