My Left Foot

Not being mobile just sucks. You see, I had foot surgery almost a month ago. So I’m not supposed to be doing awesome things like walking dogs, anything that might be productive or fun. Mother Nature decided to help me out in these matters because of the extreme cold and endless snow we had been having during most of my down time. Minus any temperature degree reading is just too cold for anything – period (IMHO).

Now my dogs need some mental work so what’s a person to do? I would spend about 10 minutes every so many hours and call them from place to place then down them. These few minutes of mental work several times each day literally exhausts the pack. My home has been absent of any dog craziness during the great freeze most have been experiencing, and my own immobility.

place command when it is too cold to go for a walk

I love the “Place” command. I love the “Place” command and the use of an e-collar even more. Cheers!

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